Awards Ceremony 2009

The Art Prize awards ceremony on April 22nd 2009 went very well with a large crowd in Venue 1 at CUC and Radio Merseyside reporting the result live on air and interviewing the judges and winners.

All pictures are copyright Ed Horwich.

Liverpool Art Prize 2009 Winners Announced

AL and AL win the Liverpool Art Prize 2009. Elizabeth Willow is the People’s Choice.

At a packed special Awards Ceremony in the Wake Theatre at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre tonight, AL and AL were presented with the prize of £2000 as winners of the Liverpool Art Prize 2009.
Also after counting over 1000 votes cast by visitors to the gallery it was announced that Elizabeth Willow was the winner of the £1000 ‘People’s Choice’ prize.
The ceremony was hosted by who set up and organise the prize which started in 2008 during Liverpool’s reign as European Capital of Culture.


For the Art Prize exhibition AL and AL presented new work including ‘I want to run in my mountains’ (2009) which features ‘Biped 00’ running through a shower of pink triangles high in the mountains as ‘Biped 01’ is measured and recorded in a motion tracking volume. The anaglyph video works have been commissioned for an exhibition in the city of Mechelen Belgium, the location from which the trains destined for Auschwitz departed. The pink triangle was the Nazi German symbol for homosexuals, many of whom were murdered by the regime. The scientific quest to measure, quantify and ultimately control human behaviour is mirrored in the reflective world of the Avatar series where AL and AL’s studio performances have been transformed into biped animations using motion tracking biometric technology.


Also their ‘The ‘Suit of Cups’ (2009) places ‘Biped 00’ and ‘01’ as the central protagonists in a selection from the Tarot Deck; playing cards which are used to contemplate an individual’s predicament and divinate a possible future. The new rational world of measuring human behaviour is composited into the old irrational landscapes of superstitious symbolism.

Ian Jackson, Director of, said
“We’ve had tremendous feedback from the exhibition and are delighted that over 1000 visitors voted. The judges found AL and AL’s works very well executed and engaging, it is work that people keep returning to and encourages debate.
“Elizabeth’s work is particularly popular amongst visitors of all ages who find her delicate and beautifully constructed installation enchanting and engaging on an emotional level”

Photos by Ed Horwich

The other shortlisted artists are: Terry Duffy, McCoy Wynne, Nicki McCubbing and Richard Meaghan

Main Sponsors: Duncan Sheard Glass Chartered Accountants (Main Prize), Arthur Diamond Design (People’s Choice Prize, printing & signage), Alexander MacGregor (Catalogue design & production)

The judges:
•    Alex Corina – Artist
•    Imogen Stidworthy – Artist, Winner of the 2008 Liverpool Art Prize
•    Amrit & Rabindra Singh (The Singh Twins) – Artists and winners of the 2008 People’s Choice Prize
•    Claire Hamilton – presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside
•    Paul Hyland (Duncan Sheard Glass – Accountants)
•    Jay Mitton (Arthur Diamond Design – Signs and Printers)

Invite to Private View 2009

Thursday March 12 2009
5.30pm – 9.00pm

Friday March 13
to Monday May 4

EVENT by culturepool
Sunday March 15
2.00pm – 4.00pm

Wednesday April 22
6.00pm – 8.00pm

at Novas Contemporary
Urban Centre North-West,
41-51 Greenland Street
Liverpool L1 0BS

Exhibiting Shortlisted Artists:
AL and AL (Video Installation)
Terry Duffy (Painting)
McCoy Wynne (Photography)
Richard Meaghan (Painting)
Nicki McCubbing (Sculpture and Installation)
Elizabeth Willow (Sculpture and Installation)

2009 Short List Announced

The short list for the 2009 Liverpool Art Prize is as follows:

AL and AL

Terry Duffy

McCoy Wynne

Nicki McCubbing

Richard Meaghan

Elizabeth Willow

Many thanks to all the nominees and nominators for giving the panel of judges such a hard task in choosing this list from over 80 nominations.
The exhibition is scheduled to take place in the Novas CUC gallery from March 13 to May 4 2009.

2009 List of Nominations

The final list of over 80 nominations for the 2009 Liverpool Art Prize. In alphabetical order of surname with website if available. The judges are judging – short list to be announced later this month…


Al Al and webpage Collaboration        
Allen Angie webpage  
Atkinson Craig webpage  
Bampton Joe webpage  
Bannister Richard Joel webpage  
Beales Katriona webpage  
Cake John webpage The Little Artists  
Caroprese Richard webpage  
Carr Pete webpage  
Cattrall Linda webpage  
Charlton Barry webpage  
Clarke Pete webpage  
Collins Lesley webpage  
Cunningham Jennie webpage  
Davies John webpage  
Dover Peter webpage  
Duffy Terry webpage  
Egan Jemma webpage  
Egerton Benjamin webpage  
Finch Susan webpage  
Fitzmaurice Leo webpage  
Forge, Steven Hunt, Kevin webpage Collaboration  
Galbraith Laird webpage  
Hawkridge Sean webpage  
Hennigan Anthony webpage  
Hughes Jane webpage  
Jacobi Thomas webpage  
Jakeman Leon webpage  
Jones Jason webpage  
Jones Barbara webpage  
Jones Alison webpage  
Kane Terry webpage  
Knox Tony webpage  
Lenkiewicz Alice webpage  
Leung Chek-Huo   50 Parr Street Studio artist, can’t find any examples of work
Lewis Tracy webpage  
Lucine Susan webpage  
Lyons Brendan webpage  
Maddock Jasmin webpage  
Malcolm Gabrielle webpage  
Matson Cecilia webpage  
McCubbing Nicki webpage  
McKitrick Freida webpage  
McNally John webpage  
Meaghan Richard webpage  
Meyerhoff Sharples Susan webpage  
Murthwaite Madelaina webpage  
Oliphant Amanda webpage  
O’Toole Terence webpage  
O’Toole Bernadette   studio at the Bluecoat, can’t find any examples of work
Parker Alistair webpage  
Parry Ben webpage  
Payot Laurence webpage  
Pendlebury Nathan webpage  
Quin James webpage  
Ravenscroft Georgina   photographer – can’t find any examples of work  
Roberts Arthur webpage  
Scott-Gurner Gregory webpage  
Serjent Colin webpage  
Simpkins, Daniel Whitehead, Penny webpage  
Smith Martin webpage  
Sollars Gary webpage  
Soukup Markus webpage  
Speed Emily webpage  
Thompson Jason webpage  
Turnross Chiz webpage  
Waldron Sacha webpage  
Walker Oliver webpage  
Waller Louise webpage  
Waters Martin webpage  
Webster Dave webpage  
Weetman Claire webpage  
Who Lisa webpage  
Willcox Mark webpage  
Williams Nick webpage  
Williams Wendy webpage  
Williams Jan webpage The Caravan Gallery  
Willow Elizabeth webpage  
Woolston Robyn webpage  
Wynne, Stephanie McCoy, Steve webpage Collaboration  
Yorke Simon webpage  
Yung Jay webpage  


Stidworthy Shortlisted for Northern Art Prize

The winner of the Liverpool Art Prize 2008, Imogen Stidworthy, is one of only 4 artists to be shortlisted for the Northern Art Prize.
Here’s a report from the Liverpool Daily Post..

TWO Liverpool artists have been shortlisted for the Northern Art Prize. Imogen Stidworthy and Paul Rooney are up against Leeds artist Clare Charnely and Saltburn-based Richard Forster.

The finalists for the prize, described as “a celebration of artists working in the North today” and just in its second year, were whittled down from a long list of 23 after being nominated by curators.

An exhibition showcasing the work of each of the artists is now open at Leeds Art Gallery, ahead of the winner being announced at a prize-giving event on January 15.

Stidworthy won the 2008 Liverpool Art Prize back in May, and works from her studio in the city centre Static Gallery.

She said: “It’s very nice to be shortlisted as the prize covers the whole of the North, and particularly to be nominated, which came out of the blue.”

Her work Documenta 12 is on display in Leeds for the first time in the UK; back in Liverpool, she is working on a new piece for the upcoming Next Up exhibition at the Bluecoat, from December 11.

Paul Rooney was born in Liverpool and studied in Edinburgh before moving back to his home city in 1993. His audio work has been played on BBC Radio 1 and his solo and group art projects feature in galleries all over the world.

Two of his film works can be seen in Leeds; he will also exhibit at home at Tate Liverpool as part of its new exhibition The Fifth Floor – Ideas Taking Space from December 16. Before then, on November 29, he will be launching his new book, Wrongteous at A Foundation, with a “non event”.

Edited by Rooney and Leo Fitzmaurice, the book features fiction and work from artists from Liverpool and beyond.

He said: “It’s nice just to be recognised and initially get nominated.

“It’s that little bit of recognition from your peers and the art world. It’s only a new prize, but it would be nice if it lasts a few years and builds on its reputation.”

The winner of the Northern Art Prize will receive £16,500, with the runners-up receiving £1,500.

The Northern Art Prize exhibition is on at Leeds Art Gallery until February 1, 2009.


2009 – Nominations Closed

Nominations are now closed for the 2009 Liverpool Art Prize.
We have received over 80 excellent nominations. The full list is below. More details to follow soon.

Peter Carr
Nick Dietrich Williams
Tracy Lewis
Robyn Woolston
Jay Yung
Ben Parry
Joe Bampton
John Davies
Oliver Walker
Claire Weetman
John McNally
Madelaina Murthwaite
Chiz Turnross
McCoy Wynne
Martin Waters
Gabrielle Malcolm
Susan Finch
Louise Waller
Richard Caroprese
Simon Yorke
Wendy Williams
Chek-Huo Leung
Katriona Beales
Jasmin Maddock
Martin Smith
Nathan Pendlebury
Sacha Waldron
Craig Atkinson
Jennie Cunningham
Lesley Collins
Terry Duffy
Amanda Oliphant
Freida McKitrick
Alistair Parker
Gary Sollars
Anthony Hennigan
Angie Allen
Brendan Lyons
Elizabeth Willow
Peter Dover
Colin Serjent
Leo Fitzmaurice
Jason Jones
Gregory Scott-Gurner
Al and Al
Richard Meaghan
Cecilia Matson
Mark Willcox
Terence O’Toole
Jane Hughes
Alice Lenkiewicz
John Cake
Dave Webster
Susan Meyerhoff Sharples
Pete Clarke
Leon Jakeman
Nicki McCubbing
Benjamin Egerton
Tony Knox
James Quin
Linda Cattrall
Jan Williams
Laurence Payot
Lisa Who
Terry Kane
Sean Hawkridge
Penny Whitehead and Daniel Simpkins
Kevin Hunt and Steven Forge
Jemma Egan
Barbara Jones
Markus Soukup
Arthur Roberts
Bernadette O’Toole
Susan Lucine
Richard Joel Bannister
Barry Charlton
Laird Galbraith
Alison Jones
Thomas Jacobi
Emily Speed
Georgina Ravenscroft
Jason Thompson

The Liverpool Art Prize Exhibition Venue

The Exhibition Venue

The 2009 Exhibition will take place in the Aghafar Gallery on the 3rd floor at Novas CUC

Contemporary Urban Centre – North West
41-51 Greenland Street,
Liverpool L1 0BS
google map
0151 708 3510 / 3513
Opening Times
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – CLOSED – only open by appointment please phone (direct gallery 0151 708 3513 or CUC reception 708 3510) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange a visit
Wednesday – Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday – 11.00 – 16.00