McCoy Wynne

McCoy Wynne Photography


Portrait, artwork and media images.

Leading professional photographers, Steve McCoy and Stephanie Wynne are pleased to be able to support Art In Liverpool by providing portrait, artwork and media images of the 2010 Liverpool Art Prize.

ABW Architects


ABW Architects are a firm of architects based in the centre of Liverpool. We believe that good design does make a difference to people; it can enhance the environment, bring people together and support change in a sensitive and constructive way.

Architecture does not happen in isolation. We enjoy the process of making buildings, large or small, we value teamwork and recognise that this is essential to the success of a project. It really is about people working together.

We do understand the process of design and construction, and the importance of budgets and programme.

We look for new solutions and develop innovative ideas, but also value tradition and experience and look for the benefits in both. We have been working for a long time with the view that energy use should be minimised and recognise our responsibilities in designing new buildings or working with existing stuctures, and that we should continue to look for ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings whilst creating enjoyable places to live and work.


Duncan Sheard Glass


Duncan Sheard Glass

Main sponsors for the £2000 Liverpool Art Prize

With a mix of the best traditions of personal professional service and a contemporary proactive approach to the way in which we conduct our business DSG has over many years built an enviable reputation in the North West as a market leader.

DSG works closely with clients providing services to meet their short term and long term goals.

DSG’s clients and business associates have grown accustomed to our commitment and quality of our specialist teams.

DSG is fully aware of the need to stay at the forefront of information and systems technology and is committed to an ongoing programme of modernisation.

DSG aims to provide contemporary and productive working environments for its members and understands the importance of ongoing investment in human resources and training.

DSG believes in:

Honesty and Integrity – being straight forward and trustworthy in all our business relationships.

Strong Client Relationships – we care about clients and aim to build long standing relationships based on mutual respect.

Value for Money – all our charges are transparent and agreed on an individual basis. We welcome open discussion on charging structures.

The above has enabled us to develop a strong and successful business.


Alexander MacGregor

Alexander MacGregor

Sponsoring the Catalogue design and print



Over the past 12 years we have built an enviable reputation with our clients for applying the power of design to achieve hard business benefits.

Our solutions are as practical as they are stylish. They work for your organisation because they convey the right messages to the right people in the right way. Whether it's a brochure, a website or a full-scale communications strategy, we ensure the results are creative, functional and ultimately effective. At Alexander MacGregor we're proud that what we produce looks good. But we believe in the power of the word as well as the image and employ our own specialist copywriter to ensure the content matches the cover.

The true test is that it works well for you.

This is nowhere more critical than in web communications for which we have built an experienced team of designers and technicians. While having particular strengths in property, careers and education, our expertise ranges from tourism to heavy engineering.

Whether you need to raise awareness of your organisation, promote a particular product or service, or would simply like to know how we can help, we're always happy to chat. We get a kick out of our clients' achievements and consider there's always a place for friendship and fun in a professional relationship.


Arthur Diamond Design

Arthur Diamond Design

Sponsoring the 2009 ‘People’s Choice Prize’ £1000 plus generous assistance with printing signage and leaflets for the exhibition.


ImageEstablished in 1979, Arthur Diamond Design is a small, client focused sign design & manufacturing company. Our dedicated team can take your project from initial concept through every stage to final fixing at your proposed site.  We can provide you with total creative design solutions for all your signage needs.  Whether it’s a one off nameplate, or full on corporate re-branding, Arthur Diamond Design can fulfil your needs.  You can expect an efficient, competitive, friendly service.

We take great pride in our repeat business from well established customers.  We will never send sales people.  You are guaranteed a personal & attentive response, because you deal with the people who own & run the business.

Tel: 0151 706 0336    Fax: 0151 706 0388