Liverpool Art Prize 2010 – Winners

David Jacques Wins the Liverpool Art Prize 2010
James Quin is the People’s Choice

•    Overall prize of £2000 plus a later show at Walker Art Gallery is awarded to multimedia artist David Jacques
•    The People’s Choice Vote and £1000 goes to painter James Quin
•    Exhibition continues at Metal Edge Hill Station until 10 July 2010

At a packed special Awards Ceremony at METAL on Wednesday 30 June 2010, David Jacques was presented with the prize of £2000 as winner of the Liverpool Art Prize 2010.
Also, after counting the votes cast by visitors to the gallery it was announced that James Quin was the winner of the £1000 ‘People’s Choice’ prize.
David Jacques will also have the opportunity to show at the Walker Art Gallery within the next year.

Jacques’s work for the art prize, ‘North Canada – English Electric’ is a follow-on work from ‘Por Convención Ferrer’ (2007-08) recently shown in London & Budapest. A photo essay recording post-industrial topographies and an investigation into the origins of Photographic Stereoscopy are embedded into an allegorical tale dealing with the loss of identity, an attempt to overcome memory and the socio-economic anatomy of two particular landscapes, the dockland and the industrial estate.

Quin’s paintings and drawings for the exhibition have been created in response to Edge Hill station and the buildings currently occupied by Metal.

The evening’s event was opened by Jude Kelly OBE, the founder of Metal and artistic director of the Southbank Centre who spoke about the importance of art and culture and said that Metal are delighted to be hosting the Art Prize for the first time and hope it continues to grow.

The awards were announced by Ian and Minako Jackson, the Directors of who created the art prize in 2008. Ian praised the artists and curator for putting together a very strong and interesting exhibition and also thanked the sponsors from the local business community who continue to support the arts even during times of recession.

He said ‘All 5 artists presented really interesting and thought-provoking work, the public vote and judge’s decision were both quite close, it was really difficult to decide which one should be put ahead of the others. The artists should be proud of themselves and hopefully many more people will follow their careers and see their works in years to come.”

“David’s work, although addressing serious and political issues, is very engaging. The stereoscopes are fun but the narrative adds a lot more and led to a lot of debate amongst the judges and general public.
“James’s paintings and series of small drawings are wonderfully evocative of the old railway station, especially during the war years. His output has been prolific over the past year and well deserves to be rewarded.”

Jude Kelly – Photo © McCoy Wynne

James Quin – Photo © McCoy Wynne

David Jacques – Photo © McCoy Wynne

Top Photo: Waiting –  © McCoy Wynne