Urban Splash


Urban Splash

Co-sponsors of the Liverpool Art Prize 


"We re-invigorate worn out areas (some people call it regeneration).

We build it all ourselves, working with great architects, and public sector partners.

We do big ideas. Like sustainability, and community, and progress. We do new ideas, like finding the best chippy in the world. Like building new canals.

Sometimes we use old buildings, and keep what’s good. Sometimes we build new buildings. Either way, we aim to do it well.

We do it first. We are first in to places that others ignore. We have a reputation for taking on difficult buildings. But we don’t see them as difficult. We see them as amazing.

And we do the extras. We make public spaces that feel right. We build streets and squares. We don’t stop where others might, because we believe that’s the right thing to do.

We think everywhere can be special."