Novas Arts

Image The Novas Scarman Group has developed a strong reputation for the delivery of quality housing and community-based services, and for new and innovative approaches to working with people who experience inequality, exclusion and discrimination.

More recently we are developing extensive work, learning, social enterprise and cultural services to support our core work and to match and stretch the diverse aspirations of the people we support. 

Novas Arts is an evolving programme of creative expression for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities who seek to experience the transformative power of art. Through exhibitions, public art and educational programs we promote artistic exploration and appreciation; encourage community participation and growth; and provide opportunities for empowerment and social change. 

Few social problems have had so visible a place on the urban landscape as homelessness and exclusion and Novas Arts’ mantra is dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to its themes. A goal for Novas Arts is to provide a creative forum for participants to express their feelings and use their experiences to create better understanding of the themes and issues involved. Another goal is to help generate compassion for people who truly need and want help to change their lives and engage with the world around them.