AL and AL

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AL and AL met in a chance encounter whilst visiting Derek Jarman’s Garden in 1997. Having subsequently graduated together in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2001, they built a blue screen performance studio in London. From this blue space, AL and AL have programmed and produced a body of digital video work which uses computer generated environments to provide simulated contexts for their studio performances. They have exhibited internationally in galleries, site-specific installations, film festivals and television.


In 2006 AL and AL moved their blue screen studio in to the first passenger train station in the world at Edge Hill in Liverpool. In 2008 their critically acclaimed solo exhibition at the FACT gallery toured to the National Art Museum of China as part of the international cultural celebrations for the Olympic games in Beijing.

“AL and AL investigate the shaping forces of fantasy and reality: they both create dream worlds and stand back in their art to draw attention to their power over us, plunging the spectator into a virtual world of dizzy dimensions.” Marina Warner, Author of Phantasmagoria, Cinema and the Realms of Enchantment.

“AL and AL’s film’s transfer audiences into dreamscapes that are beautiful and horrible at the same time.” Bob Dickinson, Writer and Broadcaster, Art Monthly.