Terry Duffy

terry-duffy-image Terry Duffy was born in Liverpool and at the early age of 13 won a scholarship for Art School in Liverpool. Following this he trained as a lithographer / photographer and then for several years worked in several print and design studios in London.

From 1972 he studied at Liverpool Art College, where he met and worked with such eminent visiting artists as Joseph Beuys, John Cage & Merce Cunningham. In ’75 and ’76 he was selected for the New Contemporaries exhibition in London. His work experimented with line, form and space as it does today yet also with the then radical issues concerning Live Art and questioning perceptions of the gallery space.

From 1978 to 80 he exhibited at the ICA, Air and Acme London and in West Germany exploiting challenges within the “Art Games” project and gallery space nationally.

From ’81, he returned to painting wanting to comment on the then Riots and social unrest within Britain and produced the “Victim Series”. This has followed consistently showing nationally and internationally and with serious media coverage.

From the late 80’s the work gradually became abstract later in the 90’s realising that the same values of line, form and translucent colour had been in the work throughout. The 90’s saw greater success and recognition which has progressed ever since. Terry Duffy stands by his maxim that for him “painting for paintings sake is pointless, it is the potential to create new life that is essential”.

“Terry Duffy is a rare individual, he is not an artist who has stayed in his studio and followed one particular path. No, what we have is a creative individual pursuing ideas and visions beyond accepted boundaries. Although Duffy’s artistic career does not begin until the 70’s it is interesting to note that he had already shown outstanding talent as a child and at the age of 13 won a scholarship for what was then the lower school of Liverpool Art College. In the late 60’s he trained and worked as a photo-lithographer. ” Mike Collier 1989