Markus Soukup

Markus Soukup is a New Media and Sound artist living and working in Liverpool since 2003. He has been based at the Bluecoat since 2008.

He is interested in how an object, image or moving image can communicate its intended content or expression by still enabling freedom of interpretation on realistic and abstract levels.

His work is situated mainly in the context of installation and the moving image incorporating video, 2D and 3D animation. Fascinated by the screen as a window opening up to the virtual space, he searches for a way of incorporating new technologies to install or position ‘situations’ or ‘mental objects’ in both – real and virtual – spaces. Other areas of his work are digital photography, typography, graphic and interactive design, field recordings, sound design and electronic music.

Previous exhibitions include: Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station (at the Bluecoat) during the Liverpool Biennial 2010, the New Media Art Festival in Seoul (Korea) in 2010, the 11th International Media Art Biennial – WRO 05 in Wroclaw (Poland) 2005 and numerous other local, national and international exhibitions and festivals.

Markus Soukup. Photo c. McCoy Wynne