Richard Proffitt

Richard Proffitt (b. 1985) is an artist living and working in Liverpool, UK. His work is inspired by and references the anthropology of ancient civilizations, teenage idols, ghost towns, curio ephemera, post-apocalyptic sci-fi films, spaghetti westerns, underground and slacker sub-culture, classroom humour and childhood memory.

These inspirations become intertwined and their meaning mangled, producing work that is absurd, funny, dark and mysterious. The work will often become realised as make-shift ceremonial relics or ritualistic hang-outs.

Recent exhibitions include: Shooting The Breeze, The Cooperative, Liverpool, 2010, Krimskrams, Cartel Gallery, London, 2010, Dream Machine, Metal at Edge Hill, Liverpool, 2010 and Global Studio, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 2010.

Richard Proffitt. Photo c. McCoy Wynne