Gina Czarnecki

Gina Czarnecki is a British artist whose work crosses multiple genres and platforms. Developed in collaboration with biotechnologists, computer programmers, dancers and sound artists, Czarnecki’s films and installations are informed by human relationships to image, disease, evolution, medical research, and by advanced technologies of image production. Through editing sound and image at a micro–level, using bespoke effects and processes, the artist constructs vivid, highly aesthetic spaces. Her work engages the viewer through its scale, beauty and occasionally through interactive technologies.

“Czarnecki’s craft is as intense as tapestry. Each phase and frame is carefully polished, reframed, filtered, flared, and each element of installation worked on in hands and mind… Few artists have made projection truly their medium, interrogated its possibilities, tuned image to canvas as Czarnecki has. The space of projection is a zone of sculptural, architectural, public space in which we confront images of power, grace and terror – images that speak of the necessity of being bodies, of the loneliness of existing inside an epidermis, of the ecstasy of pores and exhalations, the agonies of escape.” – Sean Cubitt (catalogue essay)

She won the prestigious Creative Scotland Award in 2002 for work on her interactive installation Silvers Alter, a Fleck Fellowship with the Banff Centre, Canada in 2004, and a Wellcome Trust Sci–Art Award in 2005 for production of Contagion. Her film, Nascent, has been screened extensively across the world, winning several awards and prizes. Czarnecki was recently awarded two research and development grants by the Wellcome Trust , one for a three-year research residency at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the other for developing a body of works entitled ‘wasted’ with DR Sara Rankin, a stem cell researcher, from the Imperial College London She is represented by Forma Arts and media

Portrait photo above by McCoy Wynne