Emily Speed

Emily Speed is based at The Royal Standard studios in Liverpool. Her work is an ongoing exploration into the relationships between architecture and human anatomy: the body as a building that houses the mind. Particularly drawn to the more uninhabited spaces of buildings; corners, recesses, passageways, stairways, entrances and exits,

Speed constructs models of sorts; a kind of immaterial architecture that plots out her personal space. Her work is also concerned with the enduring sense of memory and/or personal identity that is often embedded into built space.

Emily is currently the Feiweles Trust bursary holder at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where she will exhibit her work in 2011 for her first solo exhibition, she will also exhibit this autumn at Showreel Project in Milan. Emily will be taking part in the A Curriculum residency at A Foundation in Liverpool this spring and has previously completed residencies at Salzamt Atelierhaus, Linz with Liverpool Biennial, Women’s Studio Workshop, New York State and Hospitalfield Trust, Arbroath.