Julieann O’Malley

Her existing work evolved from an interest in the future of the human race and is placed within the critical context of live art, where her body becomes the document and material of her practice. O’Malley tests the limits of her body and explores sensory deprivation and different stats of consciousness to consider how it impacts on the presence of the performance.

Salty Milk

Her current work looks at the narratives of human connection with memory and the interplay between fact fiction and technology. She draws upon individual narratives to extract and assemble emotional responses to continue a debate of truthful representation. O’Malley condenses ideas and uses semiotics as a communication method within her work, to finds ways to explore, engage and have open dialogue about the ever changing environments and practices of society.

https://vimeo.com/user3545057 www.flickr.com/photos/smoow/

Where do you go in the city for inspiration?

Liverpool has a rich array of places to visit and we’re lucky here in Liverpool that the museums and art galleries are mostly free entry. I find many of these places great for inspiration. I must admit though that I have a weakness for the Liverpool World museum, especially the aquarium for it tranquility. Also The Victoria Gallery Museum, Liverpool and Sefton Park Palm House.

Julieann will be performing ‘Open Heart Surgery’ on the following dates:
Wednesday 15 May 12-2pm
Friday 17 May 6-8pm
Saturday 11th May 12-2pm
Wednesday 22 May 12-2pm
Monday 27th May 12-2pm
Wednesday 29 May 12-2pm
Wednesday 5 June 12-2pm